After roughly eighteen years of chronic pain in my left arm that I just couldn’t take any more, you made a very noticeable difference in just four short weeks…The arm bothers me so rarely that I almost forget it’s there! Overall my body just feels so much better."

"With the building blocks Dr. Hofmeir has given me through adjustments and various other treatments, as well as the input on nutrition and exercise I know I can shape a much healthier life for myself.

Julie A. M., sales associate

...Having seen many different Chiropractors in the last 25 years for upper and lower back ailments, neck and sciatic problems I feel Dr. Hofmeir is the best of them all.”

“Besides his friendly, positive and pleasant demeanor, what sets him apart is his background in the understanding of the soft tissue’s part in treating skeletal problems.”

“…Most chiropractors do not have his knowledge of the function of all the systems involved, and are not willing to spend the time with each patient as he does. I feel he is the best.

Marci G., school teacher

Everything has helped me, I am very happy with the results.

Christina R., fraud analyst

Expectations when I first came in have surpassed in a big way. My progress is far ahead of what I expect and it's because of everyone's hard work and attention to detail.

Mario A.

Awesome doc and staff!!!

Dale W., -Video editor

You guys are awesome.

Andrea S. - admissions counselor

I never thought the recovery process from my injury would be so smooth, Dr. Neilson took excellent care of my knee and far exceeded the level of treatment I thought I would receive.

Steven L.

I love this place.  I always feel better when I leave.

Cynthia G., administration

You guys are doing a great aggressive treatment for my over active lifestyle.

Lyle H., Firefighter, High School Football Coach

I am very pleased by my treatment here. It emboldens me to learn more and try harder at everything without fear of pain, knowing you guys can basically fix what I seem to aggravate Thank you so much!!

Connie B. -data analyst